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The Main Root Ministry is about making the world a better place by sharing the Holy Bible. We welcome anyone to join and contribute positive meaningful posts.

This online Bible application allows pastors and people to read and write about the Bible online without having to download an application. Church pastors can use it during their sermon service. It can display each verse one-by-one as the pastor reads them out loud. The parishioners can follow along with the Bible reading.

As you read through the bible you will notice and icon button of a camera . When you click on this camera icon you can learn more about the verse from registered users with Bible knowledge, testimony and experience. You might be inspired by their artwork, sermon videos or podcasts. A thorough study of the Bible helps a person’s walk through daily life. This Bible is available in several languages.


  1. The Holy Bible in English
  2. The Holy Bible in Arabic
  3. The Holy Bible in Chinese
  4. The Holy Bible in French
  5. The Holy Bible in German
  6. The Holy Bible in Hebrew
  7. The Holy Bible in Hindi
  8. The Holy Bible in Korean
  9. The Holy Bible in Portuguese
  10. The Holy Bible in Spanish
  11. The Holy Bible in Vietnamese

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