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Professional Placement Services

Professional Employment Placement

You have come to the right employment service to connect real workers with real employers. Our service goal is to match legitimate job seekers with actively hiring employers. Our system is designed to match a persons skills to the job description.

A nice benefit to our service is that employers can evaluate the temporary employee before bring them on-board as a full time employee. We want both the employee and employer to take pride in their job and be happy with their workmenship.

Job Seekers

Job Seekers

We are an employment placement service that cares about the job seeker. We will highlight your skills with potential employers. If you want to work then we want to find you a job.



Our employment placement service wants to connect you with employees who will do good workmenship, arrive on time, trainable, helpful, friendly and honesty. We get to know each candidates job qualifications prior to sending them out for an interview. Our goal is to match the right employee with the right employer so they can transfer into a full time position.