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Our flowers will make your event feel special and look beautiful. Our flower bouquets are made with love and care in each bouquet. Give that someone special a gift they will appreciate.

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Lovely Luxurious Bouquet

Flower arrangements for every occasion. There are seven main principles of floral design: proportion, scale, harmony, rhythm, balance, unity and emphasis. When these basic flower arranging rules are understood and used correctly you can create gorgeous floral arrangements.

Bouquets are made by adding the largest flowers first, working in a circle and turning the vase as you go to make sure the arrangement is symmetrical. Layer in the next variety of flower and repeat until all flowers have been added. To finish the arrangement we add greenery, grasses or berries.


Types of Flowers

Flowers come in thousands of different shapes and color combinations, each with their own name and classification. There are over 400,000 types of flowering plants, so there is sure to be a flower that speaks to your unique personality! If that seems like a lot to sort through have no fear – here is a quick list of some of the most popular flower types.

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We make flower arrangements for every occation.

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