Ballot Highlights

The Ballot Creator & Election Database has several layers of security that protect the election integrity. The voter identification is varified while they fill out the election form. A photo ID and actual selfie photo are record with the ballot. It has a security question that proves the voter is a real human and not a robot.

Optional Traceability

Traceability is the capability to trace something. It interpreted as the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification. Prior to submitting the ballot the voter is asked if they would like an Email or Text Message ballot receipt. (message and data rate may be applied)


There is only one Ballot ID number allowed per voter identification number per election.

Everyone Is Welcome To Use This Ballot Creator

The person creating the ballot is also required to submit their credentials and official office title. They must include the proper identification.


The information provide by the ballot creator and voter can be varifed with register offical documents. Any mistakes, fraud or tampering will be recorded and sent to the creator of the ballot for corrective action.