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Welcome To Your New School

Accepting New Students and Teachers

Everyone is welcome to learn or teach at our school. This website platform makes it easy and affordable for people to share their knowledge and love for learning.

For Teachers

The courses are created by teachers, professionals or experts in their field just like you. There is NO requirement for a teaching certificate, license or accreditation. We like teachers with real life, professional, hands-on knowledge of the topics they what to teach.

For Students

Learning is the key to success in life. Students might not be able to attend in-person classes. These on-line courses give students the freedom to study when they wish and learn at their pace.

Types of Courses:
  • Homeschool K-12
  • Elementry School Classes
  • Middle School Classes
  • High School Classes
  • Night School Classes
  • College Classes
  • Technical Training Classes
  • Vocational Training
  • Exam Preparation Classes
  • Art Classes
  • University Level Classes
  • Research Projects
  • Coaching and Mentorship
  • Tutoring

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Our goal is to use the power of the internet to enhance education. This computerized system along with your teaching skills will provide a great learning environment for students.

Controls/Tools For Teachers and Students:
  • Professional Lesson Plan Builder
  • Drag and Drop Into Lesson Wizard
  • Teacher Audio / Video Lessons
  • Student Audio / Video Homework
  • Interactive Student Activities
  • Teacher and Peer Review Essay Homework
  • Progress Monitor
  • Assessment Grading
  • Course Prices are from FREE and up
  • No Thresholds To Begin Monitorizing
  • Certificate Included With Course By Teacher

Building a Course

Teach what you know. For example you might be great at computer programming, playing guitar, ceramic art or electronics. Show your skills here and help others learn about it. It could be an odd skill like metrology engineering, battery science or thin film processing, business marketing or circus acting. We accept every type of course topic that is meaningful and useful in some positive way.

Our course building wizard is as simple as 1-2-3. To get started just make the introductory and first lesson plan. You can add more lesson plans as you prepare for each new class.

Business Controls

Run your course like a professional business. You can control your own course prices. You could start monitorizing from your videos and courses from day-one. There is no need to ask visiters please click the like button below or ask they to subscribe to your channel.


We recommend that you start teaching the course for free until it increases in popularity. It is free to get started. To pay for our services our website we will add a small service fee on top of your course cost. We use your fees to pay for the website and network hosting service fees.

Share a link to your course and other courses on your social media and with friends.

Universal Course Wizard: https://main-root.com/course_wizard/index.html

This website designed by teachers for teachers to help students learn. It lets you monitor their progress and submit grades for their homework assignments.

The next best course at the Universal Course Wizard school could be yours.

About Us

Originally this website was created to help students learn English as a Second Language (ESL). The layout is so flexible that we decided it would be useful to make other courses. We imagine it will be used to teach topics such as material science, chemical synthesis, computer programming, music, algebra, art, robotics and many more.

Contact us with your comments and suggestions

Email: user11@main-root.com